About Us

Caneel Bay Saint John Cabana

Welcome to Caneel Bay Beach Club, now offering services everyday from morning to sunset on pristine Honeymoon Beach. Luxury beachfront amenities are now being offered to all of St. John (both residents and visitors) under the resort’s name. 

As an extension of its 70-year reputation of class and simplicity, Caneel Bay Beach Club now offers simple luxuries to complete your perfect day on arguably, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Located in the US Virgin Islands, nestled amidst 170 acres of pristine Caribbean beauty, you can take a step back in time to the golden age of Founder Laurance Rockefeller, who created Caneel Bay in 1952, striving for an unpretentious and relaxed atmosphere that would be in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings.

70 years later, our mission is no different. We aim to acknowledge nature’s beautiful and delicate gift of a location while offering classic indulgences during your experience in this unique beach setting.

It is this combination that makes Caneel Bay Beach Club the perfect place to reconnect with nature, loved ones, and most importantly, yourself. We want our guests to feel as if they have escaped the hustle of their everyday lives and have been transported to a place where time can be forgotten.

Caneel Bay Beach Club is the perfect place to unwind, relax and reconnect with what’s actually important in life. Make a single day with us your past, your present and your future. 

After the hurricanes in 2017, the community‘s challenge to survive and restore St John back to its former bucolic state was a harrowing journey. Caneel Bay resort’s own road back has also been a long one, and though the resort remains closed at this time, we are happy to finally offer the Caneel Bay Beach Club to welcome both visitors and locals to experience what once was. You will be met and guided through your day by former Caneel Bay staff, our hospitality experts. For far too long, it was too quiet here without the genuine “welcomes”,  the knowing smiles of the crew, some who celebrate 30 years as a part of the Caneel Bay team. The magic of Caneel Bay is not just in its surrounding beauty, but in its soul, which is made up of the people of St John. Come see familiar faces and let them shepherd your perfect day